Case Study

The approach that I use in my work is Design Thinking, a human-centred approach that is guided by the values of empathy, creativity and collaboration. I am going to briefly present an example of one of the Design projects which I led with the Innovation and Design team at Banpará, from its conception to its delivery. Pictures and videos made by me.

1 - Research

The challenge presented to me by the CTO was to deliver the first MVP of an app to our business customers. The first step was to select 5 entrepreneurs to have a conversation with the objective of comprehending their current pains and needs.

2 - Insights

I chose the Design Sprint method to conduct the design work with the participation of an interdisciplinary team. Based on the research results, we converged the insights to identify potential value hypotheses to offer to the entrepreneurs.

3 - Prototyping

Based on the choices made by the team, we started the rapid prototyping work by creating a collaborative storyboard, that was converted by me to a high-fidelity prototype made in Adobe XD.

4 - Feedback

With the prototype ready to be validated, we decided to attend a local event and offer a gift to entrepreneurs who tested our prototype and gave us their feedback. I also created a short video with scenes of the Design Sprint process:

5 - Development

After the feedback session was done, I assembled an Agile squad to develop the MVP, using Scrum and DevOps. The MVP was released by the squad in alpha testing after 3 months of development, for both Android and iOS. Watch here the testimony of the first user of the MVP:

6 - Learning

Finished the project, I also conducted a feedback session with the design team, to identify opportunities to improve our Design process. The app currently has more than 10 thousand downloads and has active development.

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