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I'm Ygor Durães, an Entrepreneur, Full Stack Engineer and Photographer based in Porto, Portugal.

Today, my main focus is to promote the Innovation mindset inside and outside of the corporate world, accelerating innovation and creating a positive impact through a human-centered approach.



Deeper Insights

I joined Deeper Insights as a Full Stack Engineer in September 2020. Since then, I built the company's new corporate website, designed and built a demo in React for Deeper Insight's Skim Engine API product, and introduced the Design Thinking approach to the team with a hands-on workshop.


I worked full time contributing to Pará State Bank's technology since 2009. I started managing IT projects, improving processes and was lately responsible for the Bank's Innovation. Click here to learn more about my Innovation work.


I started taking pictures in 2009 as a hobby and now I'm a freelance photographer. I enjoy landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, weddings and also lifestyle photography. I currently have fine art prints for sale in my online shop.


A super useful cloud project for those who live in Belém - Brazil (my hometown) and have to deal with the region's temperamental climate. Available on Twitter and on Telegram

Frase Secreta

A passphrase generator in Portuguese, made in HTML/CSS/JS. Also available for Android, made in React Native.


Design Thinking

UX Research



Team Leadership


React / React Native


GitLab / Firebase / AWS